Professional Septic Pump Repair

When properly operated and maintained, septic systems are designed to provide households with long-term, effective waste treatment and removal. If a septic tank begins to smell bad or back up, there could be a problem with its septic pump. Emerald Coast Wastewater Solutions can help with inspecting and maintaining residential septic systems, and we offer a number of septic pump repair solutions.

What Happens When a Septic Pump Fails?

In order to overcome gravity and geographical constraints, septic pumps are designed to transport wastewater from low-pressure to high-pressure environments. When a pump fails to work properly, wastewater can quickly build up in the septic tank and cause further drainage and structural problems. Common signs of an underperforming septic pump include foul odors, pools of water in the yard and around the drain field, and slow-draining toilets and sinks. You may also notice strange noises coming from the septic tank or intensely green grass in the area.

Common Septic Pump Repair Solutions

Septic tanks contain devices called baffles, which direct the flow of wastewater in and out while regulating scum and debris levels. When an outgoing baffle fails, debris, sludge, and other particles may be released into the pump chamber, effectively clogging it and preventing it from pumping efficiently. A septic pump repair professional will need to remove and clean the pump to clear any clogs or replace the pump entirely if it has become damaged or corroded.

At a moment’s notice, the team at EMERALD COAST WASTEWATER SOLUTIONS is prepared to assist you with a range of septic system inspections and repairs. If you suspect your home’s septic pump has failed, GET IN TOUCH today. We also offer 24-hour emergency services.