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Taking Care of Your Septic Tank

Why Is a Septic Tank Important?


The septic tank is an often-forgotten device that plays a role in the household’s day-to-day routine. Its job is to separate sewage from the waste that enters it from the house drains. Both solid and liquid waste enter the tank; solid waste falls as sludge to the bottom, while light waste becomes oil and rests on top as a scum layer. The pipes in the center remove the light waste and push it out of the tank. The solid waste, however, remains inside because of the harmful bacteria it contains.

Keeping up With Inspections

It is common for homeowners to overlook the care and maintenance septic systems need due to their concealed location underground. Inspection is key to minimizing or eliminating costly issues that can stem from neglected systems. Failure to be proactive about getting the proper inspections can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs, and in some cases total system failure. Although a septic system inspection is required at the time a home is being sold, it is just as important to maintain during the time the homeowner resides in the home.

Timing Is Everything

As a general rule, the homeowner should have the septic tank checked every three to five years as the tank can only contain a certain amount of sewage. However, it really depends on how many people are living in the home. Larger households may need to be checked more frequently than smaller ones, sometimes as often as every two years. If a septic tank goes unchecked and not cleaned for a long time period, it will begin backing up into the house drains. Common signs of septic tank backups are clogging toilets, slow drainage, leaks, gurgling noises in the pipes, and undesirable, pungent smells.

Emerald Coast Wastewater Solutions offers a team of experienced septic and sewer technicians to remedy various septic system issues in Okaloosa, Walton, and Santa Rosa counties. For more information or questions regarding inspecting your septic system or other septic system services, please contact us today to make an appointment and get a free quote.


11/17/2021 by Greta James

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12/29/2021 by Charlotte Fleet

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01/12/2022 by Thomas Clarence

I thought it was interesting when you talked about how it is important to have a septic tank checked every three to five years. Does the size of a tank affect how often it needs to be pumped? As far as I know, a tank decomposes things so it would really only need to be pumped if it ends up getting full. http://www.autryseptic.com/services

01/24/2022 by Luke Smith

I totally agree with what you said that having your septic tank regularly inspected will prevent you from spending a lot of money trying to replace it. I wish I knew this sooner before my tank got busted. I haven't maintained it ever since I moved in five years ago, and I admit that it's because of my lack of attention. Nonetheless, I'll need to find a good septic tank manufacturer who can help me replace my old one. https://www.rivatecenvironmental.com.au/about

02/02/2022 by Shammy P

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02/22/2022 by Amy Saunders

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02/25/2022 by Greta James

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03/03/2022 by Ava M

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03/09/2022 by Shammy P

Thanks for pointing out that septic tanks should be checked every 3-5 years as they can only hold a certain amount of sewage. My husband and I will then have our 4-year old septic tank serviced before this day ends. Both the kitchen and toilet have been clogged, and our house has started to be filled with foul sewage odors. https://www.rotorooter.com/clevelandtn/

03/16/2022 by Shammy P

It got my attention when you said that septic tanks could only contain a certain amount of sewage, so you must have it checked every 3-5 years. This is something that I failed to do so our septic tank ended up getting damaged. For a week now, it has been causing clogs and a foul odor in our house, so I will hire a professional for help. http://www.woodburnseptic.com/services

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04/25/2022 by Mats Wolff

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