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Steering Clear of Clogs: Three Septic-Friendly Toilet Papers

Septic tanks play a critical role in the safe treatment and disposal of waste; these underground chambers are common in older homes and rural areas that aren’t served by public sewer lines. However, certain kinds of toilet paper can cause clogs that require extensive septic system service. While there are many types of toilet paper on the market that are safe for a septic tank, these popular choices make it easy to stay clog-free without sacrificing comfort.

Angel Soft 

A smart choice for both septic tanks and budgets, Angel Soft® 2-ply toilet paper provides strength and softness while preventing septic clogs. It’s completely biodegradable and fits in standard toilet paper holders for added convenience. These sheets are ideal for those with home septic systems, and the Angel Soft Professional Series is available in bulk for businesses.

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush

With excellent customer reviews, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush® is one of the top choices among septic tank and public sewage users alike. Advertisements boast that this biodegradable, 3-ply toilet paper is gentle on the skin; it also dissolves quickly in water, which makes this toilet paper septic-safe. However, as a precaution, it’s best to use toilet paper no thicker than 2-ply to ensure that all of the material dissolves properly once flushed.

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare

Known for its ripple design, the selling point of Cottonelle® is the superior clean feeling it provides. Ultra ComfortCare is Cottonelle’s softest line, offering strong, absorbent performance and a gentle, fresh finish. This 2-ply option is septic-friendly, and rolls are available in many sizes, including big, double, family, and mega.

There are many other toilet paper options that are safe for septic systems, including those that are ideal for use in RVs and marine equipment. However, clogs and other septic tank trouble can still occur, and it’s important to contact a qualified septic specialist to diagnose and repair your septic problems. At Emerald Coast Wastewater Solutions, our experienced team can provide efficient solutions for your septic tank issues whenever you need us. Call our Destin, FL office today at (850) 842-4486 for a free estimate.


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